Director of Applied Research

Date Posted: April 4, 2024
Hours Per Week: 40
Emmanuel Gospel Center
Boston, MA, USA
Job Type: Non-Profit/Parachurch/Missions,Other Professional Ministry Positions
Other Details

Director of Applied Research

The Emmanuel Gospel Center (EGC) is dedicated to empowering the Church towards Shalom in Greater Boston. We employ a multifaceted approach, encompassing applied research, systems practice, ministry development, and storytelling, to illuminate the work of God in our region. Our ultimate goal is to translate these narratives into actionable strategies for the Church to address pressing community issues.

EGC, as a research hub, emphasizes practical and sustainable community-based approaches. Our projects cultivate connections among committed Christians, exploring local intricacies and leveraging data-driven insights to address critical challenges in Boston. With decades of experience studying Greater Boston’s demographics, we provide valuable local data for impactful collective action.

We are looking for a Director of Applied Research who thrives on forging strategic partnerships, managing complex projects, and cultivating a skilled team. If you are an entrepreneurial leader with a proven track record of dynamic research leadership and want to empower Boston’s communities and churches toward impactful change in the city, we invite you to explore this opportunity with us at EGC.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Director of Applied Research will report to the Executive Director. Their duties include:

  • Strategic Planning & Innovation
    • Develop and implement a strategic plan for EGC’s research department, including risk and mitigation planning, and oversee the expansion of the researcher-in-residence program to focus on critical, underexplored community issues.
  • Community Engagement & Partnership Development.
    • Engaging with key city stakeholders to ensure that local perspectives and needs inform research efforts, representing EGC at relevant events, and developing partnerships with city and institutional partners.
  • Data Analysis & Technological Advancement
    • Explore and integrate emerging technologies and research methodologies to keep EGC at the forefront of applied research practices, data analysis, visualization, and AI capabilities, establishing rigorous quality control processes.
  • Team Empowerment & Collaboration
    • Build and empower a diverse research team skilled at tackling complex community challenges, provide team professional development opportunities, and foster a culture of research innovation that converts insights into strategies for change.
  • Financial Management
    • Develop and manage the research department’s budget: Explore funding streams, maintain strategic financial partnerships, allocate research resources effectively, and work with the development and communications team for grant writing.
  • Communication & Reporting
    • Collaborate with the development and communications team to disseminate knowledge and research insights to stakeholders.
  • Impact Assessment & Alignment
    • Implement processes that evaluate and adjust research initiatives to align with EGC’s mission, impact on the community, and ethical standards in research practices.

Skills, Qualities, & Experience

  • Education & Experience
    • Has earned a graduate degree or equivalent experience
    • Has 5-7 years of leadership experience in research and related roles.
  • Leadership, Innovation & Strategic Thinking
    • Innovative Thinker: Shows a track record of galvanizing and empowering teams in an innovation space to put ideas into action in an environment of piloting, learning from failure, and pivoting with a strength-based team approach.
    • Strategic: Can strategically guide research initiatives with big-picture insight.
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership: Can envision and initiate collaborations in the city, enter community conversations, and explore ways applied research might serve Christian leaders\\\’ and ministries’ efforts.
  • Community Engagement & Cross-Cultural Competence
    • Collaborative: Possesses strong collaboration skills essential for engaging effectively with diverse partners and stakeholders in the Boston community.
    • Group Competence: Able to facilitate group research processes with the community, gathering meaningful insights through community learning events in ways that nurture relationships and honor diversity.
    • Adaptable: Pivots easily in evolving landscapes, empowering others amid change.
    • Cross-Cultural Competence: Exhibits strong cross-cultural skills, enabling effective collaboration with diverse staff, partners, and constituents.
    • Public Communication Skill: Shows an ability to build understanding and connection through effective and inclusive live and written communication, and able to implement stakeholder communication plans.
  • Partnership Development & Financial Acumen
    • Partnership Development: Has a history of forging and nurturing partnerships with various stakeholders, including academic institutions and ministries.
    • Fundraising: Has experience securing funding for research activities, including grants and strategic partnerships, and is familiar with fundraising strategies.

Research & Data Expertise:

  • Research Leadership: Has a proven track record of leadership in research, including successful project design and roadmapping, team galvanizing and managing, and completion and evaluation of research deliverables.
  • Data Analysis: Strong expertise in data analysis, statistical analysis, evaluation, qualitative research design, or community-based participatory research, using data-driven insights to inform decision-making.
  • AI and Technology: Familiarity with data analysis tools, visualization techniques, and emerging technologies in the field, staying at the forefront of research methodologies and technology trends.

Critical Qualities

  • Mature Christian faith as defined by being an active member of a local church, agreement with the Apostles Creed, and displaying the life of a Christian leader as described in 1 Timothy 3:1-10.
  • Passion for EGC’s principles and deep commitment to EGC’s mission of empowering the Church and addressing community needs.
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality, ability, and age sensitivity and adaptability.


  • We offer a salary range of $77,000 – $87,000 annually for this full-time position, including medical and dental coverage, a 4% retirement contribution after one year, four weeks of vacation annually, and a sabbatical policy rewarding long-term commitment.
  • This position offers hybrid work arrangements with required in-office meetings, requiring candidates to be local.

How To Apply

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to Stacie Mickelson at [email protected].