English Minstry Pastor/Minister

Date Posted: January 18, 2024
Hours Per Week: 40
Tri-Valley Chinese Bible Church (English Ministry)
Pleasanton, CA, USA
Job Type: Adult Pastor,English Ministry Pastor
Other Details

“Tri-Valley Chinese Bible Church (TCBC) is seeking an English Pastor to lead our English ministry in Pleasanton, California. The candidate shall experience a genuine call of God to pastor and evangelize the English-spoken youth, young adults and others.  The candidate shall have the passion to lead, nurture and grow our English congregation.  The ideal candidate has experience as a missionary in an Asian context and/or has experience ministering in an Asian context.  Candidates with experience in a cross-cultural environment are also welcomed to apply.  Graduated of an accredited Theological Seminary or Bible College and a degree of M.Div. is preferred.  TCBC currently has approximately 300 Sunday attendees for both Chinese and English services.  Please see our web site in details at http://www.tvcbc.org/

Job Summary

Background:  Nestled in a suburban community in the East Bay of San Francisco Bay Area is an English-speaking congregation within a church founded by Chinese immigrants. Over the decades, slowly but steadily this congregation grew into not just a band of middle and high school students but also some college students and a growing circle of young adult believers and seekers. This congregation encompasses first and second-generation Asian immigrants as well as some non-Asian Americans. Cross-cultural couples also make up an important ministry focus.

The Pastor of English Ministry is called by God to follow Christ in a life of discipleship, using the leadership gifts given by the Holy Spirit to lead the church in carrying out the Great Commission for the purpose of expanding the kingdom of God. The primary purpose of the pastor is to introduce young people to Christ; to disciple them in spiritual growth; to train them in serving Christ with their life. Of equal importance is to assist parents or guardians in raising their teenagers to a wholesome maturity based on the biblical teaching.  Finally, to oversee and support the Youth activity entrusted by EDB (Joint Boards of Elders and Deacons) of each program.


Report to: Senior Pastor

Position(s) Supervised by: Senior Pastor

Duties and Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of this position involve preaching and teaching, conducting ordinances, (e.g., baptism, Holy Communion, etc.), discipleship/training lay leaders, visitation, counseling, servant leadership and extending hospitality to people.

  • Preaching and Teaching
    • Prepare and preach 2-3 sermons per month.
    • Sermons should be expositional, biblical and theologically sound, including relevant application for a diverse audience (youth and adults alike).
    • The ideal candidate is one who can speak dynamically, expand the believer’s knowledge of Scripture, and challenge the believer to live out the Christian faith in grace and truth.
  • Oversee the English Worship Service
    • Coordinate with and lead the various worship ministry teams to ensure a smooth worship service free from distractions.
    • Such teams may include the worship/praise team, the A/V team, the welcoming/ushering team, and the like.
    • Create and maintain a worship service that allows the believer to encounter God and His Word in every movement of the service (praise, prayer, Scripture reading, preaching, etc.)
  • Oversee the Young Adults Ministry
    • Primally focus on the Young Adults in meeting their spiritual needs and life needs.
    • Regularly make contacts/visits (in-person or through Zoom) with college students near and far, keeping them accountable to continue their faith journey while they are away from home for college.
    • Organize and host college fellowship events during the winter and summer months when college students are typically in town, together with the Young Adults.
    • Ensure college graduates have a smooth transition from college to career, assisting them as necessary for church membership, service, and being effective Christians at the workplace.
    • Provide care and discipleship for working young adults in the church through regular Bible study, fellowship nights, and events.
  • Oversee the Youth Ministry
    • In cooperation with the youth minister, create a youth program that is age-appropriate and effective in equipping the youth to live out their faith in their personal lives and at school.
    • Provide counseling and discipleship to the youth.
    • Offer baptism classes at least twice a year, guiding students in the essential doctrines of the Christian faith and preparing them for committed church membership.
    • Organize major events on the church calendar, such as summer and winter retreats, mission trips, community service, holiday events, and the like.


General Qualifications

  • Must be a born-again believer with a deepening personal relationship with Christ.
  • Will have a definite call to the ministry. Having a strong desire to serve God and be passionate in applying God’s word and compassionate for the lost.
  • Must show a faithful pursuit of leadership characteristics as listed in 1Tim.3.
  • A graduate of a Theological Seminary, Bible College or Christian liberal arts college with a degree in Theology, Christian Education.
    • A thorough knowledge of Bible is essential.
    • A degree of M.Div. is preferred.
  • Doctrinal position will be consistent with the statement of faith set forth in The Tri-Valley Chinese Bible Church.
  • Will hold to Scriptures as being divinely inspired and without error.
  • Subject to the church bylaw (Mission, Constitution and Doctrinal statement).

Personal Characteristics

  • Passionate about living a life of faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Demonstrate a genuine love and maintain a good rapport with young people.
  • Enjoys connecting with people of all ages.
  • Love of learning and biblical teaching.

Ministry Experiences

  • Preaching and planning sermon calendar with input from Senior Pastor and Elders.
  • Leading seekers to become believers.
  • One-on-one discipleship.
  • Developing lay leaders.
  • Understanding the challenges and struggles of teens with a knowledge of possible solutions. Provide words and acts of comfort and encouragement to individuals.
  • Experience in ministry to college students, post-college young adults and/or young married couples would be beneficial.

How To Apply

Please send your resume and faith of statement/witness to

[email protected].

Thanks and Blessings