IFH Resident Manager

Date Posted: February 17, 2024
Hours Per Week: 40
International Fellowship House
Boston, MA, USA
Job Type: faith-based,Ministry Director,Non-Profit/Parachurch/Missions
Other Details

Job Title: Resident Managers, International Fellowship House, Boston, Massachusetts 

Interested couples contact: Search Committee Chair, Michael Dean [email protected] Applications received by March 1, 2024 to [email protected]

Interviews during March & April
Search Committee Decision by May 1, 2024 (tentative) 

Position date of hire/move-in June 1, 2024 (tentative)

Overview of IFH

The ministry of the International Fellowship House is to create a warm and caring environment for 20 male international students (i.e., a “home away from home”). The primary responsibility of the managers is to see that this environment is provided. This includes but is not limited to the development of relationships with residents, spiritual leadership, care for physical condition and appearance of the house, financial management, management of personnel, and accountability to the IFH Board of Directors, (a group of interdenominational followers of Jesus).

The ministry of the IFH is strategic for the Kingdom of God. Over 50 years, many residents of the IFH from around the world have become Christians. The rewards of managing a place like the IFH are many and varied and not without pressure. Being the resident managers of the IFH is very demanding physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A full job description will attempt to provide a thorough understanding of the responsibilities of the managers, focusing in particular upon (1) the general expectations of the managers and (2) the specific tasks to be performed.

Expectations of Resident Managers 

1) The Resident Managers are a team. The IFH is not hiring a manager with a spouse. It is hiring a married couple who act, get involved, and manage the house & ministry as a team.

2) As a result of the time demands inherent with the responsibility, it is expected that
a. At least one of the spouses will not be employed full time or be a full-time student outside the IFH in order to give necessary time to the management of the house.
b. Any outside full time job by the other spouse should be within the greater Boston metropolitan area.

3) The Resident Managers’ job, from one perspective, may seem like a 7 day per week, 24 hour per day “on call” job. In practical terms, the managers will jointly expend, on the average, about 40 hours per week combined in the execution of their defined responsibilities. They will be reimbursed at the present mileage rate for the use of their vehicle on all official IFH business. It is required that the managers live in the IFH for which they will receive their room and board 7 days per week. In addition to room and board the managers will receive a modest stipend.

  1. a. Resident Managers need time away and should try to spend at least one weekend per month and two weeks per year away from the House. The IFH chair of the Board of Directors should be notified regarding these extended absences and all arrangements made for substitute management (usually one of the American residents) should be made in advance.

4) Questions may arise on matters not specifically covered in this memo or in the IFH Residents’ Manual. Managers are expected to consult with the Board chair whenever a matter arises not readily resolvable by the managers.

5) The Resident Managers are primarily managers, not necessarily doers. They are responsible to see that all the required functions pertaining to the maintenance of the House are performed, though not necessarily by themselves. They must learn to delegate and to encourage others (residents, Members, Directors, friends of the IFH, volunteers, etc.) to help and/or to hire necessary skilled tradespersons to complete the specified work (prior approval required for large projects).

How To Apply

Email IFH Search Committee Chair, Michael Dean at [email protected]

Put \”IFH Manager Search\” in subject heading.