Interim Pastor

Date Posted: November 16, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40
Delhi International Christian Fellowship (DICF)
New Delhi, Delhi, India
Job Type: Interim Pastor
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At A Glance

Before the lockdown our pastor went into retirement. The new pastor was never able to come, due to closed borders. After being an online pastor for 15 months he had to take another job. We again had another online pastor, but our church is eagerly waiting for a pastor to be present with us in Delhi.

Delhi International Christian Fellowship is seeking its next senior pastor. Building on the strong foundation passed to us, we are looking for our next leader who has the heart of a gracious shepherd, the skills of an engaging learner/teacher, and the vision for the impact of a winsome church of internationals in the great, global crossroads of New Delhi.

We know why we exist. God has uniquely placed us in this dynamic, global city to turn strangers into friends, the curious into the confident, and train God’s people to have uncommon influence wherever they go. Our special assignment is to internationals (world citizens and ex-pats) who call Delhi home. And we know that EVERY person walking through our doors has three questions (often unspoken):

1. Can I find God here?
2. Can I find friends here?
3. Can I make a difference here?

The congregation is an English-speaking, interdenominational community of internationals who gather from around the world and who are devoted to the timeless truths, virtues, and habits of biblical Christianity.

Prior to the pandemic, the church had approximately 175 adults and 40 children attending from more than 30 countries. It is made up of diplomats, business leaders, educators, graduate students, and professional Indian nationals.

Since the start of the lockdown, we’ve had two online Pastors. While we continue our search for a full time Pastor, we are eagerly looking for an interim pastor as well. People long for connection with a person present with us in the church.

Please click here to read our Opportunity Profile and email us to receive the template for resume.

How To Apply

We are looking for someone who has experience living and working in an international setting.

Please send us your Cover Letter at [email protected] and we will send you our resume guidelines.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Chairman DICF Pastoral Search Committee