Lead Presbyter for Transformation

Date Posted: May 1, 2024
Hours Per Week: 25
Presbytery of Boston
Boston, MA, USA
Job Type: Interim Pastor
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Presbytery of Boston
Lead Presbyter for Transformation

The Presbytery of Boston is a membership of 20 churches and 5 fellowships and new worshiping communities in eastern Massachusetts. We seek to grow in our confidence to do the ministry of Jesus Christ in our communities. Beginning in 2024, the Presbytery of Boston is embarking on a 3-year visioning and planning process and has created the position of the Lead Presbyter for Transformation to assist us as we discern how God is leading us to function in the world today. This leader will listen to our concerns, help us to envision new ways of relating to one another, seek out pathways to create leaders for tomorrow and live their faithful call in Christ. Working collaboratively with our Stated Clerk, Moderator, Council, and presbytery staff, they will help us envision a structure that supports and increases the vitality of our congregations and mission. They will vision in partnership with our staff and colleagues in the Presbyteries of Southern New England and Northern New England as we consider shared ministry, and where needed, to the greater denomination. Three years from now, we will be excited to see increased zeal across New England Presbyterians and a clear and sustainable mission plan for the Presbytery of Boston.


Our Lead Presbyter for Transformation will be responsible to work in these three areas:

Faith Leadership and Pastoral Presence. They will…

  • Visit, support, and counsel congregations and clergy in our Presbytery, providing an approachable presence that invites collaboration.
  • Facilitate conversations to envision, identify and synthesize the vision and growth present within fellowships, new worshiping communities, congregations, clergy and members.
  • Model faith leadership that inspires us to become disciples and help us continue to grow into the Body of Christ.
  • Help us foster healthy and collegial relationships throughout the Presbytery.
  • Attend and participate in Presbytery Assemblies.
  • Serve, when appropriate, along with Moderator, Clerk of Session, and Council, as a colleague with other governing bodies of the denomination and in ecumenical, inter-religious, and community affairs.

System and Process Orientation. They will…

  • Help us evaluate and modify our structures to become more responsive to the needs of our churches and our new worshiping communities.
  • Help us identify processes, systems and structures that helps establish a just and equitable fellowship within our diverse body.
  • Help us build communication systems in the Presbytery that allow our members to grasp our shared vision and to connect with our leaders through electronic means, as well as personal contact.
  • Help us identify strengths and uniquely innovative aspects to sustain, as an individual or merged presbytery.

Leadership Development. They will…

  • Help us identify and equip Presbytery leaders for our future (suitable for the Presbytery’s structure).
  • Facilitate strategic planning discussions for the future for this Presbytery, and how we might collaborate with other Presbyteries.
  • Counsel Presbytery teams and committees, in collaboration with Stated Clerk, Moderator and Council.

Qualifications Required

  • An ordained minister or ruling elder within the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.
  • A lively, Christ-centered faith and spirituality with the capacity to help form faith leaders in our Presbytery.
    Experience in middle body governance or serving in interim-role is preferred.
    Ability to bring vision and imagination for faithful innovation.
  • Capacity to juggle multiple demands and administrative needs in a complex system.
  • The heart of a pastor to listen, communicate, and help us to be a united people of Christ.
  • Ability to work with us, providing pastoral care and leadership. This will require good self-differentiation and professional boundaries.

Compensation Package: $50,000 with benefits at 25 hours/wk (.0.625 FTE ).

Standard Elements for All Exempt, Supervisory Positions

The Lead Presbyter for Transformation must be able to attend denominational events/workshops when appropriate. Job descriptions are intended to be guidelines for position responsibilities. As such, each employee of the Presbytery may be asked to perform tasks outside of the duties outlined in this document. The Lead Presbyter for Transformation may be assigned to tasks and projects as necessary in order to support the vision and mission directions of the organization.

Evaluation and Review

This position will report to The Council of the Presbytery of Boston and be reviewed and evaluated annually by the Personnel Committee in accordance with the Personnel policies of the Presbytery.

This is a three-year position that has been created to help us to become more vital and to attain greater energy and connections. Our working plan outlines the following:

  • After two years evaluate work completed to date to determine if goals have been met (or are in line to be met within the next year.)
  • If more time is needed, and both parties are in agreement, the contract can be extended beyond three years.
  • If the goals are mostly accomplished (or in line to be) the Presbytery will create the next goals for our Presbytery.

In Conclusion, we pray God’s presence and grace upon the Presbytery of Boston and on our Lead Presbyter for Transformation. Through our joint efforts and growing faith, may God’s will be done.This Presbytery is an equal opportunity employer and this position is an equal employment opportunity.

The unity of believers in Christ is reflected in the rich diversity of the Church’s membership. In Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, God unites persons through baptism regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sex, disability, geography, or theological conviction. There is, therefore, no place in the life of the Church for the discrimination against any person. The Presbytery Church (U.S.A.) shall guarantee full participation and representation in its worship, governance, and emerging life to all persons or groups within its membership. No member shall be denied participation or representation for any reason other than stated in this Constitution. (F-1.0403)

How To Apply

Resumes and contact information for 3 references must be submitted by June 15 to Beverly Shank, Chair of Presbytery of Boston Personnel Committee at:

[email protected]

Proposed start date is August 5.