Office Manager and Communications Support

Date Posted: February 14, 2024
Hours Per Week: 16
Living Word Church of Worcester
Worcester, MA, USA
Job Type: Support Position
Other Details

The office manager will serve as general receptionist and provide hospitality to guests, clean the office and breakroom, and order supplies. The communications support role consists of managing the church database, and engaging in social media, email, and texting to communicate information and assist in making connections for our members and community.

Office Manager Responsibilities:

  • Serve as receptionist and represent Living Word Church of Worcester to all guests and members.
  • Provide basic organization and cleanliness of office and mail-room/kitchen.
  • Assist team in purchasing office supplies, hospitality supplies, food/water/coffee, gifts, and flowers.
  • Coordinate computer, phone, internet, and copier services with vendors including: purchasing, servicing, security, software, hardware and wireless network.
  • Printing and daily mail.
  • Oversight of master google calendar.
  • Process facility requests for external events and building usage.
  • Assist in processing of background checks across ministry departments.

Communications Support Responsibilities:

  • Process weekly church connect cards.
  • Send all-church-emails for weekly newsletter.
  • Send hard-copy mailings.
  • Coordinate all event/connect group registrations and sign-up forms.
  • Manage social media for church.
  • Collaborate with videographers, photographers, and graphic designer to ensure unity.
  • Create signage for internal facility-use, and work with first impressions vendors when needed.
  • Assist with Information brochures, connect groups sign ups, event cards, etc… and certificates, including baby dedication and baptism.
  • Maintain systems and usage for G-Suite, Fellowship One, Planning Center and website tools.
  • Maintain records of usernames, passwords, and all tools used church-wide.
  • Manage Planning Center data related to membership, baptism, connect groups, and growth group participation.
  • Create zoom meeting links.
  • Report preparation, including: annual fellowship report, annual church report, monthly ministry report, and monthly executive board meeting.
  • Send “One Call” text messages.
  • Manage text messages for all church communications.
  • Update website with events, weekly newsletter, and other updates.
  • Related Projects assigned as needed.


  • Have at least 2 years’ experience working with technology and administration.
  • Be proficient with G-Suite and Microsoft Office.
  • Ideally knowledgeable of the Planning Center system or fast learner with a desire to immerse in system software.
  • Demonstrated ability to handle multiple projects with unique time sensitivities.
  • Strong communication skills both written and verbal.
  • Agile to respond to time sensitive requests.
  • Have a clean criminal record.
  • Be detail oriented, and a Team Player.
  • Creative, and self-driven to achieve assignments and provide feedback to the team.
  • This person is driven to check off to-do lists and independently work on assignments.
  • This person thrives on organization, improving systems, managing administrative systems, and training others.
  • This person excels at working with technology to ensure it is stewarded well and maximized to serve others well.
  • Lives consistently and in accordance with the values and practices of Living Word Church’s Constitution and Bylaws.


  • Vacation & Sick Time – On the first year of continuous employment the employee shall receive 1 week for the average number of hours worked weekly. I.e., 16 hours per week totals 16 hours of total yearly vacation time. After two years, part-time employees receive 2 weeks and that is the maximum for all subsequent years. Part-time employees also receive 2 sick days.
  • Bereavement – All employees shall be granted up to 3 days of paid leave for the death of an immediate family member. Adjustments to time must be counseled and approved by supervisor & HR administrator.
  • Holidays – After completing 6 months of continuous employment, the part-time employee will receive the day if it falls on one of their usual working days and be paid for the number of hours usually worked on that day.
  • Pay Raise – Each year the Eldership seeks to provide a Cost of Living Adjustment. Additionally, each employee participates in an annual review, and on the 3rd year of employment, the employee is eligible for a merit-based pay raise based on their subsequent annual reviews.

How To Apply

Send resumes to [email protected] by Monday, March 4.