Date Posted: November 7, 2023
Hours Per Week: 20-40
High Plains Fellowship
Falcon, CO, USA
Job Type: Solo Pastor
Other Details

Solo Pastor Job Description
High Plains Fellowship (PCA), Falcon, Colorado

High Plains Fellowship (HPF) seeks a Solo Pastor who shares our mission and vision and is called to proclaim and teach the Word of God, who will ensure excellent congregational communication and administrative and worship leadership, and who will encourage spiritual development of members and ministry of the laity.

Our Mission and Vision

High Plains Fellowship is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America. We seek to worship God wholeheartedly, to extend the kingdom of God graciously, and to live as a winsome community of believers in Jesus Christ.
HPF has a vision to bring the Gospel to Falcon, Colorado and out to the Eastern Plains. We are therefore committed to bringing meaningful worship, expository preaching, intentional discipleship and compassionate outreach to the community.

Personal Qualifications

  • Exemplary lifestyle (yourself and your family) that reflects holiness and discipline and brings honor to Christ, both inside the church body and in the community.
  • Total commitment to Reformed and Covenantal Theology, and ability to teach it in a winsome way.
  • Strong relational skills, with an aptitude for counseling and pastoral care.
  • Godly leadership with good organizational and delegating skills to encourage others to volunteer.
  • Ability to recognize personal weaknesses and ask for help in those areas.

Desired Ministry Strengths

  • Expository preaching
  • Teaching
  • Leadership training
  • Teamwork
  • Church administration
  • Pastoral visitation


As a PCA congregation, we follow The Book of Church Order of the Presbyterian Church in America. The pastor is a member of and accountable to the Presbytery. As moderator, the pastor works with the Session in spiritual leadership of the congregation. The pastor will be evaluated at least annually by the Session.

Areas of Specific Responsibility

Along with the Session, the pastor is expected to oversee all regular activities in the life of the congregation, which may include the following:


  • Lead in Sunday worship service, and perhaps another weekly service, with expository preaching through the Books of the Bible, and help find a qualified person to fill the pulpit when absent.
  • Administer the Sacraments.
  • Officiate the receiving of new members.


  • Work with the Session and Diaconate: Have monthly consultations with individual ruling elders and regular communication with the congregation. Hold Session meetings at least quarterly, and joint Session-Deacon meetings semi-annually.
  • Provide officer training on a regular basis.
  • Be responsible to ensure teaching for spiritual growth is in place as appropriate, including:
    • Discipleship for new believers or new members.
    • A weekly Bible study for men and women of the congregation.
    • A Sunday School for members of the congregation.
  • Oversee lay ministries.
  • Lead congregational meetings at least semi-annually.
  • Attend Presbytery meetings and General Assembly as determined by the Session.

Pastoral Care

  • Lead periodic, timely membership classes.
  • Officiate at weddings, funerals, and memorial services.
  • Provide counseling for individuals, couples, and families.
  • Personally do visitation on a weekly basis for:
    • Members who are widowed or single, ill, hospitalized, indisposed, or grieving.
    • Regular visitation for congregational members, praying with them and inquiring of needs and growth in the faith (ongoing, by all members of the Session).
  • Faithfully pray for the church and for the individual needs of its members.


  • Demonstrate a heart for the lost and evangelize and disciple others beyond the doors of the church.
  • Lead in outreach to the community and equip the congregation to do outreach.
  • Recognize and greet visitors and follow up with them as appropriate.

Compensation: $60 – $95K in salary and housing, negotiable, and commensurate with part-time or full-time acceptance of the role. Additional benefits include 6 weeks of leave, health insurance, 401k, and funds for ministry-related expenses. Note: Whether part-time or full-time, areas of responsibility remain the same, it being understood that time allotted is proportionate to hours available.

How To Apply

Please send to [email protected]: a cover letter, two sermons (video is preferred), and a ministerial data form from the PCA Admin Committee or (if you are not PCA) a resume.