Pastor (Head of Staff)

Date Posted: January 5, 2021
Hours Per Week: 25-35 hrs/wk
New Hope Presbyterian Church
Brogue, PA, USA
Job Type: Solo Pastor
Other Details

New Hope Presbyterian Church-ECO

P.O. Box 146 Brogue, PA 17309-0146


We are seeking a solo pastor to serve as the head of staff for our congregation. We are an ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians church.


Pastor (Head of Staff)

Employment Status: Open to either part-time or full-time

Years of Experience Desired: Open to all possibilities

Deadline Date for Application: Spring/Summer 2020

We are currently accepting applications for a solo pastor. 

Position Description

Job Responsibilities

  • Lead the session and congregation in forward-looking ministry and mission
  • Moderate meetings of the session and congregation
  • Lead Sunday Worship, including a children’s message and other special/seasonal services
  • Administer the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and officiate weddings and funerals
  • Oversee training and ordination/installation of Elders and installation of Trustees
  • Provide hospital and other critical care visitation
  • Provide visitation to church members in their homes, hospitals, and nursing homes, as time is available
  • Conduct new member classes when needed
  • Work with church committees
  • Lead the session in identifying and implementing outreach in the community


  • 60 covenant partners (2019)
    • Consists of approximately 30 families, including 57 adult members, 3 youth members, and 4 children
  • Average worship attendance: 49 (2019)
  • Average church school attendance: 22 (2019)

Currently, New Hope Presbyterian Church has been using pulpit supplies, who preach and lead worship on Sundays, along with a pastor from ECO who moderates the session and administers the sacraments. These people perform all pastoral duties within the congregation. Previously, we have had a transitional pastor from ECO. The church membership helps with visitation. We have a six-person session serving as our governing body, and a four-member board of trustees.

Current Staff Positions:

  • Pastor (currently using pulpit supply, have used transitional pastor as well, paid position)
  • Clerk of Session (unpaid position)
  • General Treasurer (unpaid position)
  • Benevolence Treasurer (unpaid position)
  • Choir Director (unpaid position)
  • Organist/Pianist (unpaid position)


Our church is located in a rural community, serving all ages in that vicinity. The local area is primarily agricultural in nature, with several small towns and villages nearby. The closest urban area is within a 30 minute drive.

Community Demographics

The church is located in Chanceford Township, York County, Pennsylvania, about 15 miles south of the city of York. Approximately 450,000 people live in York County, while Chanceford Township is home to approximately 6,185 residents. Within the bounds of Chanceford and adjacent townships, the population consists primarily of Caucasian residents.

Congregational Mission

Our congregation’s mission field includes local, national and international stewardship. Our mission funds are distributed to organizations, missionaries, and other benevolent causes using these general guidelines:

  • 50% local
    • includes Katallasso (local medical mission), Lifepath Christian Ministries, Community REACH (local food bank), and 3 local families in need
  • 25% national
    • includes World Renew, Antioch Partners (Alaska), In-Faith Ministries (Reading, PA)
  • 25% international
    • includes African Inland Missions, Frontier Fellowship (Iraq), and Harvest Bridge (South Asia)

Our benevolent giving total was more than $18,000 in 2019.

In addition to the giving mentioned above, we also assist with local emergencies. In terms of financial support, our monthly coin collection is used to provide help to needy families who experience emergency situations in our community. In 2019, we provided $1,300 from those collections to aid 2 local families.

In terms of non-monetary support, we collect various non-perishable food items every month and provide them to a local food bank (Community REACH) for distribution. Last year, we donated more than 1,000 pounds of food. We also provided more than 90 “Birthday Bags” (cake, candles, frosting) to that food bank for distribution to local families in support of birthday celebrations.

While we are focusing on the physical and financial needs of the community, we are also striving to meet their spiritual needs. In that regard, we have a Facebook page and a website available for sharing materials, information, and holding discussions as issues arise.

Narrative of Mission and Ministry

We Welcome – We Worship -We Serve

New Hope is a newly organized ECO congregation formed approximately 3.5 years ago by a group of like-minded Presbyterians concerned about maintaining biblical integrity and an evangelical outlook in the Reformed tradition.

The priorities for our congregation include:

  • Family, Faith, and Music
  • Love for the Lord
  • Evangelism
  • Giving a positive message without being overbearing
  • Bible based teaching/preaching

We strongly emphasize stewardship and mission, with the goal of increasing our mission giving totals. An important part of our mission is to support others not only with monetary gifts, but also with life sustaining necessities such as food and clothing. Through monetary gifts and visitation, we also extend hospitality and spiritual friendship to those facing adverse circumstances.

We are presently working with pulpit supplies (previously a Transitional Pastor) and are now searching for a permanent Pastor to take on an important challenge. The applicant should be willing to lead a new congregation (even though most have worshipped together for many years) in working to build a new church in the near future. We have acquired land and have initiated plans for our new physical home. Currently, we are renting space in an established church in our community. We have been blessed to have had the opportunity to worship in three different locations in order to fulfill our growing needs as we continue on our journey to our permanent church home.

Our goal is to continue to grow the congregation, both numerically and spiritually. In the short term, we wish to focus on adding new families to our congregation and expanding our Sunday School classes for children and youth. In the longer term, we would like to add after school activities for children in the local elementary school. Because of its close proximity (opposite side of highway), we believe the new church will aid us in that endeavor by offering a welcoming center to experience wholesome activities and serve the local families in our community.


Reverend Dr. Donna Ryan

ECO Heritage Presbytery Moderator

Organizing Pastor of New Hope


[email protected]

955 Hill Church Road Hummelstown PA 17036

Reverend Dr. Daniel Moore

Guinston Presbyterian Church

Former Host Church


[email protected]

14130 Guinston Forge Rd. Airville PA 17302

Reverend Dr. Chet Joines

Pulpit Supply for New Hope



Salary Information

We are currently offering compensation in the range of $50,000-$55,000 annually (salary plus benefits). As we grow, we would expect this amount to be increased. Specific salary/benefit combinations are negotiable, depending upon the situation, and mileage reimbursement is included at the standard IRS rate. The terms associated with the position will be negotiated with the Session, in consultation with the ECO Ministry Partnership Team.

Housing Type

Housing Allowance


We are open to any candidates willing to join us from across the USA.

How To Apply

To apply, please send email with resume/references to Donna Webb, Chairperson of our Pastor Nominating Committee, per the details below.

Pastor Nominating Committee/Search Committee Chairperson Detail:

Name Donna Webb

Address 12980 Stamper Road City Brogue State PA Zip Code 17309

Preferred Phone 717-309-7809

Alternate Phone 717-927-9195

E-mail Address for PNC Communications: [email protected]