Pastor of Connections and Young Adults

Date Posted: January 16, 2024
Hours Per Week: 40
Rooftop Church
St Louis, MO, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor
Other Details

MinistryHub is partnering with Rooftop Church in their search for a Pastor of Connections & Young Adults. Please direct all applications through MinistryHub and send any questions to [email protected].

General Description

Rooftop Church (rooftop.org) is a medium-sized church in an inner suburb of St. Louis, MO. We are an independent, interdenominational Christian church rooted in Biblical orthodoxy but also valuing humility, honesty, and humor. The Rooftop Pastor of Connections and Young Adults is a full-time paid ministerial position. The Pastor of C&YA will oversee our connections and First Impressions process, which includes welcoming first-time visitors on Sunday morning, overseeing the Greeting and Hospitality teams, and helping newcomers find their place at Rooftop. The Pastor of C&YA will also be responsible for pastoring and building the Young Adults ministry. The Pastor of SG& will also assist with general pastoral duties—preaching occasionally, leading a small group, providing pastoral care—and will participate in the general staff duties shared by all Rooftop staff members. The Pastor of C&YA will answer to the Lead Pastor and is expected to work an average 45-55 hours per week. (The estimated hours below total 50/wk.)

Connections (10 hrs/wk)

  • Meet with visitors and shepherd them through the connections process.
  • Build and oversee the Connections team and First Impressions process, which supports visitors as they get involved in the church.
    • This includes responding to inquiries and overseeing the automated connections process.
  • Lead regular newcomers get-togethers and workshops to help visitors take their next steps into the church.
  • Oversee the Sunday morning Hospitality and Greeting teams, recruiting and equipping the team for success.
  • Assess Rooftop’s connectability culture and recommend changes to help us be an accessible and connecting place.
  • Work with the Director of Outreach and Communications and the Pastor of Small Groups and Membership to integrate new visitors into the life of Rooftop.

Young Adults (10 hrs/wk)

  • Lead and teach the weekly Young Adults group.
  • Network and recruit for the group, meeting with visitors and building connections with Young Adults in and beyond Rooftop.
  • Raise up a team of co-leaders to help lead the group and transition it into a more bona fide ministry.
  • Plan additional social and spiritual events to help the group/ministry grow and deepen.

General Pastoral Responsibilities (10 hrs/wk)

  • Preaching – Preach approximately once every 6-8 weeks, at the request of the Lead Pastor (LP), under his coaching and leadership. Oversee all Sunday morning programming responsibilities on those Sundays. Preach consistently with Rooftop’s values, beliefs and programming standards.
  • Leadership – Support 2-3 assigned ministry leaders at Rooftop by meeting regularly with them, helping them coordinate their ministries with those of other ministries, and troubleshooting as necessary. Provide pastoral support, accountability, and guidance to leaders and their families.
  • Congregational Care – Be available to provide pastoral leadership and counsel to Rooftoppers-in-need, following up as appropriate. Perform weddings, funerals, and other pastoral care as schedule allows and as requested by the LP.

Miscellaneous (10 hrs/wk)

  • Work with the Lead Pastor to handle the general unassigned tasks of church leadership: pastoral care, administrative duties, etc.
  • Assist the staff in the general execution of ministry goals.
  • Maintain regular presence in office as requested by the LP and abide by all the expectations of the Rooftop Staff Guide.
  • Meet with church elders as requested by the elders for purposes of encouragement, prayer, support, and accountability.
  • Meet with the Lead Pastor monthly for purposes of evaluation, discipleship, and planning.
  • Meet with the Rooftop staff weekly for purposes of communication, development and discipleship.

Development (3 hrs/wk)

  • Pursue personal development opportunities (through prayer, reading and mentoring) to grow in wisdom and ability to service more effectively as a Christian leader and pastor.
  • Seek out professional development opportunities to grow in key gifts: leadership, teaching, etc.
  • Continue reading and studying as a leader of God’s people.

Congregational Life (3 hrs/wk)

  • Remain involved in the life of the congregation through social functions and attendance at all fourth-floor Rooftop events and as many other events as possible.
  • Remain committed to the purpose and values of the church: teaching, worship, evangelism, community, service and prayer.

Campus Support (4 hrs/wk)

Under the direction of the Lead Pastor and with the staff, assist future Rooftop Campus Pastors with Connections and Leadership assistance. Research how one connections and leadership model can succeed on one platform but two locations, develop a strategic, scalable plan for connections across multiple Rooftop campuses, and implement.


  • Model Christian maturity in personal, family, and professional life.
  • Model commitment to Scriptures, prayer, and other Christian disciplines.


  • Completion of bachelor-level theological and ministry education. Masters-level preferred.
  • High sociability and love for people, and able to connect with all kinds of people across the demographic spectrum.
  • Examples of leadership and coaching successes in either the ministry or secular world.
  • Organized and responsible and a track record of strong and effective leadership.
  • History of submission to church leaders and elders.
  • Reputation for integrity, servanthood, spiritual fervor, and emotional maturity.
  • An overall eagerness to learn and grow.
  • Honest and forthcoming concerning patterns of sin and past history.
  • Committed to basic Christian theology and Rooftop’s Statement of Faith.
  • Committed to Rooftop’s purpose, practices, and personality as a church.


  • Competitive and Generous Compensation & Salary. Retirement program after two years.

How To Apply

Please direct all applications through MinistryHub and send any questions to [email protected]

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