Pastor of Small Groups & Communities

Date Posted: February 21, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40
New Life Fellowship
Elmhurst, NY, USA
Job Type: Associate Pastor
Other Details


  1. Job title:  Pastor of Small Groups/Community Life
  2. 1st level of accountability: Community Life Pastor
  3. Time commitment: Full-time


  1. Understands the vision and mission of NLF.
  2. Committed to the pastoral Rule of Life.
  3. Ability to identify, equip and release small group leaders and Huddle coaches.
  4. Ability to identify, equip and release mid-sized community leaders.
  5. Strong and proven leadership, communication and pastoral experience.

Job Summary

The Pastor of Small Groups & Communities plays a key role in the health and formation of our New Life community by focusing on the support of our small groups and mid-sized communities. This role identifies, equips, releases and cares for small group and mid-sized community leaders. The role works closely with the Connections and Equipping Pastor to support Pathway events with the intention of identifying small group and community leaders.


  • Identify, equip and release 15-20 new small group leaders per year.
    • Primary focus on neighborhood groups.
    • Secondary focus on developing virtual groups and seasonal groups.
    • Train new and existing small group leaders.
    • Resource leaders with sermon-based curriculum and others.
  • Connect with and provide pastoral care for small group leaders.
    • Sunday lobby presence, bi-monthly via phone, email, 1-1 connections, visiting groups, etc.
    • Connection and training through quarterly Huddles.
    • Support the Huddle Leader Coach.
  • Strengthen and encourage connection of church members to small groups.
      • Quarterly Group Meeting.
      • Lobby presence.
  • Develop multiplying small groups.
  • Support small group and communities initiatives.
    • Summer Parties (Small Group hosted).
    • Christmas Parties (hosted by Communities).
    • Sept Small Group Kick off Sunday and Signups.
    • May Small Group Leader BBQ/Celebration.
  • Support Pathway events, Communitas and EHD classes. 
    • Lead a table at the EHD courses.
    • Pastoral support and presence for Communitas and Newcomers Gathering.
  • Initiate and provide support for 15-20 summer parties for the purpose of building community and evangelism.
    • Identify and meet with leaders and hosts of the events.
  • Management of ministry budget.
  • General pastoral duties as required by all pastoral staff (weddings, funerals, etc.).

How To Apply

If interested, please email a cover letter and resume to Helen Kim Nowalk at [email protected].