Pastoral Resident

Date Posted: January 31, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Resound Project/Central Presbyterian Church
New York, NY, USA
Job Type: Residency
Other Details

The purpose of Resound Project is to strengthen new and existing churches in light of the changing cultural context so that the gospel of Jesus Christ might resound to the next generation. We recognize that one of the greatest difficulties facing the church today is a lack of leadership that understands the unique features of this cultural moment and offers a vision for ministry that is adequate for the times in which we live. The Church needs to invest in the discipleship of emerging leaders in order to sustain a faithful encounter between the gospel and contemporary culture. To that end, Central Presbyterian Church in New York City is seeking to function as a “teaching hospital” through Resound Project, creating a pipeline of future leaders to serve the Church in a variety of different contexts.

The Emerging Leaders Programs provide various points of entry for qualified candidates who exhibit a desire to learn from our particular philosophy of ministry. The programs are based on life stage, educational level, and vocational interest.

Residency Program

For seminary graduates in the ordination process

The Residency Program is offered to qualified male candidates who have graduated from seminary and are seeking ordination as ministers of the gospel. Candidates are selected for the Residency Program based on demonstrated leadership ability and the potential to play a significant role in the work of church renewal as pastors. After successful completion of the Residency Program, many residents become excellent candidates to serve as lead pastors of churches in need of renewal, assistant/associate pastors of larger churches within Resound’s network, or church planters, depending on gifting and opportunity. The next class of residents will begin in September 2024. The application deadline for this next class is 1st May, 2024.


  • Work full-time at the local church in supervised ministry for a two-year period, with select opportunities to teach, preach, facilitate worship, lead a Community Group, participate in a specific area of ministry, and engage in mission and evangelism.
  • Participate in a series of modules focused on leadership, preaching, mission, pastoral care, cultural dynamics, and church renewal.
  • Receive an annual stipend plus health care benefits.

How To Apply

For more information, go to Programs (resoundproject.org).