Senior Pastor

Date Posted: March 6, 2024
Hours Per Week: 40
Christ Presbyterian Church
Georgetown, TX, USA
Job Type: Lead/Head/Senior Pastor
Other Details

Greetings to you and thank you for your interest in Christ Presbyterian Church.

We are looking for a new senior pastor to lead our PCA church in Georgetown, Texas. Our current pastor, who planted the church fifteen years ago, is moving on to be a church planting facilitator for our South Texas Presbytery.


Our purpose, as a church, is to serve Christ in the areas we worship, live, and work; encouraging every individual towards a life-changing relationship with him. Through Christ, we seek the transformation of ourselves and every area of our community for his glory.

Our desire is to be a people who:

  • Eagerly worship, learn, and grow together through prayer, devotion, and sound biblical theology.
  • Pursue a consistent & faithful walk with the Holy Spirit.
  • Cultivate a distinctly reformed Christian worldview.
  • Discover, nurture, and apply our God-given gifts for the edification of the Church & community.
  • Gracefully show compassion towards the lost, least, and afflicted.
  • Acknowledge our dependence on Christ and pray continually for his guidance furthering his kingdom here on earth.
  • Recognize that we are all sinners, in need of grace and forgiveness.
  • Build relationships characterized by genuine honesty, persistent peace, and steadfast love.


Our objective is to create a home that nourishes the body of believers and delivers the transformative message of the gospel to the surrounding community through:

  • Proclaiming the gospel to the lost and found.
  • Crafting worship services that are Christ-centered and engaging.
  • Developing biblical community.
  • Discipling and equipping believers of all ages.
  • Evangelizing and serving our community.
  • Partnering with like-minded churches and organizations.
  • Cultivating church-planting partnerships around the world.

Church Dynamics

Our church began as a bible study in a store front in Georgetown. We then used a series of six rented spaces to accommodate our growing congregation. We are now a multi-generational church with many young families and many senior citizens. Our average attendance is about 200 people and we are having a significant number of visitors since we opened our new building this year. We recently welcomed 35 new members in our largest membership class ever.

We are a Christ Centered Church. We are a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and at different stages of life. Yet, we all share a common love, gratitude, and commitment to our Savior, Jesus Christ. We recognize that the Gospel is more than forgiveness; it is total redemption from a life of sin and death. This results in Christ-centered worship and a community-wide commitment to grow spiritually and bring glory to Christ.

We adhere to Reformed Theology and hold to the traditions of the Presbyterian Church of America, (PCA). Please visit our website for more information about our church: https://www.cpcgeorgetown.org

Our staff consists of three full time positions: senior pastor, director of discipleship, and office administrator. Part time positions include children’s ministry director, youth director, book keeper, music coordinator, nursery coordinator, and treasurer. The annual operating budget, not including the mortgage, is approximately $500,000. A generosity initiative raised building funds sufficient for a 25% down payment and three more years of monthly mortgage payments. The senior pastor compensation package will be set based upon experience and need and will be between $125,000 and $150,000.

Our session consists of five ruling elders. We currently have five deacons. Lay leaders head up the following ministries: prayer, missions, hospitality, sound, men’s, women’s, senior center, community groups, and prison.


Our church building was completed in the second quarter of 2023. We are located in a business park and the exterior of the building coordinates with the other buildings in the development. Our signage identifies the church and there is a large cross on the south side of the building. The building is visible from a highly traveled Georgetown street. The auditorium seats about 250 people. The building also houses our staff offices, a conference room, four class rooms, a warming kitchen, a large lobby, restrooms, and a children’s play area to the rear of the building.


Georgetown is 40 miles north of Austin – the capital of Texas. Georgetown is one of the fastest growing cities in America with a population approaching 90,000. It is the county seat for Williamson County and is benefiting from its proximity to growth in technology companies including well-known names like Dell, Samsung, and Tesla. We also have significant retirement communities in the area including the Dell Webb Sun City Texas which is only one mile from our new building.

Expectations for our next Senior Pastor

We have developed the following profile that we would seek in our new senior pastor. We will require a pastor ordained in the Presbyterian Church of America who has been a teaching elder for a minimum of five years with ten years preferred.


  • Possesses a genuine, personal love of the Gospel and the Lord, and is eager to share that love with others.
  • Exhibits humility, self-awareness, teachability, and a desire to continue growing in wisdom regarding God’s Word and ministry.
  • Relates well socially and spiritually with people at a variety of ages and life stages – children, youth, young adults and young parents, seniors, empty-nesters, and others.
  • Leads and cherishes his family with Christ-like love and grace.
  • Committed to biblically conservative values and meets the elder requirements from Timothy and Titus; also affirms the Westminster Confession with no or minor exceptions.
  • Actively engaged in growing in his relationship with the Lord and his understanding of reformed theology and its applications to our broken world by seeking out mentors, personal prayer and study.
  • Communicates effectively and openly with the staff and congregation.

Worship, Theology and Sound Teaching

  • Work with the worship team to lead Christ centered worship that is pleasing and glorifying to our God according to Holy Scriptures. (Lev 10:1-2, Numbers 3:4)
  • Skilled in expository preaching that lends itself to practical application.
  • Committed to helping the congregation develop a passion and love for Scripture and its application to daily life by assessing current issues through the lens of Scripture and the hope of the gospel.
  • Collaborates with the Session on developing worship practices as well as preaching and teaching themes that address the spiritual needs of the congregation.
  • Preaching and teaching reflect personal endorsement of the Westminster Confession and Reformed Theology.

Congregational Growth & Development

  • Has a vision for ministry that aligns with and enhances CPC’s vision and mission statements.
  • Experience in a congregation of 250+ and an understanding of those church dynamics.
  • Provide compassionate biblical counseling, conflict resolution & visitation as needed, meeting challenges with wisdom and grace.
  • Can graciously accommodate a variety of perspectives and experiences among the church body.
  • Demonstrates love for children and promotes children and youth ministries.
  • Together, with the session, provide spiritual discipline as needed and is able to communicate challenging truths and confront sin with humility, love and grace.
  • Purpose to engage in the community in order to seek the welfare of the city and glorify God.

Ministerial & Staff Leadership

  • Collaborative leadership style that works well with existing staff.
  • Mentor the assistant pastor.
  • Provide training and encouragement to support church leaders and to raise up new leaders.
  • Encourage men and women to participate in Presbytery, General Assembly and PCA training and leadership programs.

How To Apply

Our search committee is actively reviewing candidates with the goal to fill our senior pastor position by fall/winter 2024. Our entire church is praying for this process and for just the right man to come to minister among us. If our opportunity appeals to you and you sense God’s leading to consider our church, we would encourage you to reach out to our search committee. Please send the following items to [email protected] :

  • Introductory Letter
  • Resume
  • Ministerial Data Form (MDF)
  • Links to sermons
  • Reference contact information.

Thank you for your ministry to your current church.

We pray for God’s leading in your life to His Glory.


The Search Committee

Christ Presbyterian Church