Senior Pastor

Date Posted: May 5, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
St. Thomas Church
Bernville, PA, USA
Job Type: Lead/Head/Senior Pastor
Other Details

St. Thomas Church, a conservative, evangelical, congregational, non-denominational church in Bernville, PA, formerly UCC but currently associated with the Evangelical Association of Reformed and Congregational Churches, is seeking an experienced, seminary trained Senior Pastor who is an effective preacher and speaker, compassionate and caring, and will care for the spiritual needs of the congregation.  We are looking for a person who will encourage people to relate their faith to their daily lives and have a strong commitment and loyalty to their faith.  The candidate must be effective in planning and leading worship, possess a sense of direction for their ministry, and work to build a sense of fellowship among people with whom they work.

St. Thomas Church is a group of Christian believers who worship in an 800 seat architecturally pleasing sanctuary (1897) and a 400+ seat multipurpose addition (2002).  We are located in a beautiful, rural setting that is only 10 miles away from major shopping areas.  In addition, the area boasts a wealth of recreational and cultural attractions.

Job Description

Worship Leadership – work in partnership with the church staff and laity in participating in services of the congregation that offer praise to the Triune God.

  • Sunday Morning Services.
  • Lenten Services in cooperation with community.
  • Holy Week Services.
  • Thanksgiving Eve Services in cooperation with community.
  • Christmas Eve Services.
  • Participate in Special Programs. (ie. Baccalaureate Service)
  • Be available to participate in the Sunday School’s special events.

Christian Education

  • Teach in the Sunday School program regularly.
  • Lead Confirmation Class. (not to be scheduled during Sunday School, Church Services, or Youth Group) using curriculum approved by Consistory.
  • Lead membership classes once a year or when necessary.
  • Lead weekly Prayer Meetings.
  • Teach the Adult Class during Vacation Bible School.
  •   Equip the church staff and laity for evangelism in the community.
  • Lead other Bible Studies within the church. (ie. Men’s Bible Study, Special Topics)
  • Help organize a leadership retreat when needed.
  • Have an active role in all youth ministries of the church.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Familiarize self with the daily function of the church.
  • Learn schedule of regular meetings and programs.
  • Records kept of births, deaths, baptisms, membership, etc. for Herald.
  • Work closely with Consistory President in church operations and planning meetings.
  • Consult with Consistory President in establishing agenda for Consistory and Congregational Meetings.
  • Share all pertinent matters of church business with the Consistory President prior to meetings.
  • Schedule regular meetings with Elders prior to Consistory meetings.
  • Inform the church secretary as to your schedule.
  • Inform Consistory President if you must be out of town for emergencies.
  •   Report the following to Consistory on a monthly basis:
    • Home Visits
    • Weddings
    • Hours Spiritual Counseling
    • Funerals
    • Hospital Visits
    • Baptisms
  • See that the pulpit is filled in the event of any absence.
    • Confer with the Elders in all cases.
    • Vacation time is in accordance with the contract signed between the Pastor and the Church.
    • Vacation time should be communicated to the elders as early as possible.
  • Attend various committee meetings when necessary to inform self of the committee operations and to offer guidance.
  •   Write an article for The VOICE. (the Church’s bi-monthly newsletter)

Work in Partnership with Church Staff

  • Work with the Youth Pastor in organizing youth programs and other educational programs of the church and coordinating Youth Pastor’s participation in Worship Services.
  • Coordinate with the Director of Music Ministries for service planning and special services.
  • Work with Church Secretary in day-to-day operations.
  • Report any staffing difficulties to the Personnel Committee and/or Consistory.


  • Regularly visit and offer communion to shut-in members of our church community.
  • Regularly visit hospitalized and sick members.
  • Regularly visit prospective members.
  • Organize and train a lay visitation team.
  •  Offer to lead worship at an area nursing home at least once a year (ie. Berks Heim, Phoebe Berks).

Provide Special Services

  • Baptisms
    • Infant Baptism and Infant Dedication
      • Perform baptism or dedication per the conviction of the parents.
      • Meet with parents prior to service.
    • Believer Baptism
      • Meet with individual prior to Confirmation or believer baptism.


  • Lead the worship services for weddings.
  • Approve outside pastors for wedding ceremonies.
  • Offer pre-marital counseling sessions for the couple.
  • Lead the couple and other ceremony participants through rehearsal.
  • Be available at rehearsal dinner and reception for prayer if invited.


  • Plan and lead funeral/memorial services when requested by families.
  • Offer bereavement counseling.
  • Offer guidance to families as they plan services and work with funeral homes.

Community Connections

  • Find ways to be involved in the Berks/Reading pastor groups.
  • Find ways of being connected in community gatherings or events.
  • Be prepared to say grace at the fellowship meal if invited to by the family.

How To Apply

We welcome any pastoral candidate who agrees with our core values and ministries.  If you are interested in joining our dynamic congregation that seeks to share God’s love, you may request a church profile and pastor questionnaire by contacting us at [email protected] or downloading from our website, under the Pastor Search tab.  After reviewing our church profile, you may submit your resume via email to [email protected] along with a completed questionnaire.