Women’s Senior Ministry Fellow

Date Posted: February 18, 2022
Hours Per Week: 40
Manna Christian Fellowship
Princeton, NJ, USA
Job Type: Non-Profit/Parachurch/Missions
Other Details

Seeking Full-Time Women’s Senior Ministry Fellow Manna Christian Fellowship, Princeton University, NJ


MANNA CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP (Manna) is a dynamic and vibrant evangelical, inter-denominational chaplaincy at Princeton University focused on thoughtfully engaging the pluralistic university community with a coherent worldview grounded in the Christian gospel.

Manna seeks a qualified individual to manage aspects of this thriving organization of approximately 90 students. Under the auspices of Manna’s Executive Director, the Women’s Senior Ministry Fellow would work closely with Manna’s multiple (typically 2-4) full- and part-time staff in developing a robust ministry that that empowers students to appreciate the holistic implications of the gospel of Jesus Christ for all of life, including their vocations and studies. The ideal candidate would possess demonstrated ministry leadership in campus contexts. The majority, though not all, of Manna’s constituents are from Korean- and other Asian-American backgrounds. The SMF must have a familiarity and sensitivity towards these cultural nuances. The Women’s Senior Ministry Fellow will also be responsible for evaluating the ministry on a regular basis and reporting to the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees.


The responsibilities of the Women’s Senior Ministry Fellow (SMF) fall into three categories: Spiritual Development, Campus Engagement, and Administration. It is anticipated that roughly ninety (90) percent of the SMF’s time will be spent doing spiritual development and campus engagement.

1. Spiritual Development:

  • Women’s Ministry – The SMF will cultivate and oversee opportunities for the women in Manna to grow spiritually, vocationally, and relationally through both women-only and gender-inclusive avenues such as bible studies, social gatherings, theological discussions, discipleship relationships, and counseling sessions.
  • Large Group Leadership and Teaching – The SMFs shall be responsible, along with the Executive Director, for Manna’s weekly Saturday night large group meetings. The SMFs will oversee the Saturday night program, including the flow of worship and ministry segments. Although the Executive Director will serve as the primary large group preacher, the SMFs should expect to assume teaching duties 2-4 times each semester. Messages should be 25-30 minutes in length and should focus primarily upon biblical exegesis with a gospel hermeneutic. These messages should challenge the students both spiritually and intellectually in a manner contextualized to Princeton students.
  • Small Group Ministries – The SMF will oversee Manna’s small groups. They will be expected to lead 1-2 groups in conjunction with student leaders, and support staff and student leaders as needed. The SMF should ensure that the class-based curricula and topical teaching content for small groups are effective and biblically sound.
  • Retreats – Manna hosts a fall retreat (with an average attendance of 70 students) and a second retreat, community outreach project, or a similarly scaled project in the spring. The SMF will oversee the retreats/project, including budget, speaker, and logistics.
  • Discipleship – The SMF shall disciple appropriate members of the staff and students, as well as oversee the Manna discipleship program.
  • Counseling – The SMF shall also serve as a counselor to students as needs arise. The majority of Manna’s constituents are from Asian and Asian-American backgrounds. The SMF should have a familiarity and sensitivity towards these cultural nuances.
  • Ministry Oversight – The SMF will oversee additional aspects of Manna’s programming, including our interns, student leadership team, community events, and training materials.

2. Campus Engagement:

  • Public Lecture Series – The SMF shall, with the consultation of Manna alumni and staff, invite 1-3 guest speakers during the academic year to engage the campus on relevant issues.
  • Cross Fellowship Unity – The SMF shall also serve as a liaison to the Office of Religious Life and to the other chaplaincies on campus seeking to promote unity of the body without compromising the purity and integrity of the gospel and Manna’s witness on campus.

3. Administration:

  • Yearly Updates – Each quarter, the SMF shall be responsible for delivering an update to the board, alumni and advisors on the progress of the ministry.
  • Oversight of Staff – The SMF shall preside over weekly meetings with staff and student leaders to facilitate good communication amongst the leaders of Manna.
  • Fundraising – While the position has a guaranteed salary, the SMF is expected to raise 50% of their salary through personal fundraising, and support the Manna Executive Director and Board in organizational development efforts as needed. Manna Christian Fellowship will support the SMF personal fundraising campaign with training and other support.


Candidates should have at least 4 years of relevant experience, preferably with campus ministry experience. They must be spiritually mature Christians with a devotion to the Scriptures and prayer, modeling excellence in their personal and vocational life, with demonstrated gifts in spiritual leadership and mentoring. Manna values its community orientation and the Senior Ministry Fellow should be able to foster a grace-centered community through active involvement in the lives of the students. Other necessary qualities include: fast learner, excellent written and verbal communication skills, proactive in every aspect of the position, passion for the university and students, and intellectual grasp of the strategic role of the university in our culture.

Bachelor’s degree is required. Masters-level degree in theology, ministry, or counseling is also preferred, with a firm grasp and appreciation for applying the gospel to every part of life and culture and an openness to and/or ability to navigate the Reformed theological categories which have shaped the fellowship. Evidence of counseling abilities is also required.

Compensation will be salaried (with some fundraising expectations) and competitive and commensurate with experience and training. Located in Princeton, NJ.

How To Apply

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to [email protected].