Worship/Youth Ministry Director

Date Posted: November 28, 2023
Hours Per Week: 40
Union Church
Vernon, CT, USA
Job Type: Ministry Director,Worship Pastor
Other Details

Union Church Worship Director Profile

Union Church is looking for a worship leader who can lead our congregation in expressing the glory and majesty of the God that we serve.  Our church has committed to, as its mission, “to understand, experience, and enjoy the glory of God, passionately proclaiming him to the ends of the earth.”  This mission statement is not designed as a perfunctory statement in the background of the life of our church but as a measuring stick for what we do, how we do it, and what we don’t do.  We are looking for a worship leader who will join us in our desire to proclaim the greatness of our God.

Job Description

  • This position includes 40% worship, 40% youth ministry, and 20% administrative duties (though these percentages can evolve to meet the strengths of the candidate).
  • Worship Responsibilities:
    • Coordinate the selection of songs with the senior pastor.
    • Choose appropriate arrangements.
    • Communicate worship plans to admin assistant and AV director.
    • Organize regular practices with the worship team.
    • Direct, support, and encourage a worship team of diverse abilities.
  • Youth Responsibilities:
    • Organize the weekly Sunday evening youth program.
    • Build relationships with the youth.
    • Participation in monthly, local “colab” with other youth groups
    • Organize the winter retreat.
  • Administrative Responsibilities:
    • Organize our social media communications.

About Union Church

Our building dates back to 1890 while our congregation has its roots in the great Awakening of the 1740s. Formerly, the congregation belonged to the United Church of Christ, but in 2007, the congregation decided to break with that liberal denomination and pursue an intentionally evangelical ministry. The road from Liberal UCC to historically orthodox has been bumpy at times and has included a painful church split and COVID, but now we have a robustly Biblical statement of faith, a set of by-laws that reflect Biblical expectations, a core of committed people who give of their time, money, and love to see God’s name be glorified.  We are looking for a worship director who is willing to serve these people by leading them in their worship of the God of the Bible.

Theologically, we are generally Reformed, practice baptism by immersion, complementarian, and committed to the inerrancy of the Bible. We are multigenerational and look to take advantage of our multicultural opportunities through the Chinese and Hispanic families that worship with us.  We are committed to expository preaching, the spiritual leadership of our elders, practicing church discipline Biblically, and the unity of the body.  In the interest of full disclosure, those values are what we are working hard to see realized in our fellowship, not that we have already figured out how to implement them.  However, I believe the work we have invested in the past three years has positioned us well to grow in the depths of our relationship with God as well as increase the size of the family of God here at Union Church.

About the Worship Responsibilities

We are looking for a worship director who first and foremost treasures Christ in his heart in such a manner that other people notice.  Our worship director is expected to be biblically and theologically literate, to reflect a life of submission to God’s Word, and be committed to excellence as a musician.  Currently, our worship team is a mix of different types of musicians including saxophone, drums, guitar, cello, trombone, and singers.  The worship director would be expected to work with our existing musicians while exhibiting the leadership to move our worship ministry in a direction that serves the character of church we are developing.  Our worship style can be described as blended. Our criterion for praising God is whether or not a song declares something true about who God is and what he has done (not really how we feel about God).  Regardless of style, any song that proclaims the greatness of God is something we as a church want to proclaim. Within this criterion, we seek to develop a worship identity.

Currently, most of our songs draw on hymn arrangements like those found in the Norton Hall Band. We sing a significant amount of Sovereign Grace material. We are looking for a worship leader who is willing, in cooperation with the senior pastor and elders, to develop a worship identity that reflects our historically orthodox faith, and the vitality of the work God is doing within us now.

About the Youth Responsibilities

The youth responsibilities in this position are important for the development of our church’s identity. We currently have between 10-15 youth in middle and high school and a large group of young kids moving up over the next five years. Union Church is committed to serving young families and the youth director will be critical in that role. The number one expectation for anyone who works with our youth is that you build strong and healthy relationships with the students. When it comes to the logistics of youth ministry—organizing, teaching, etc.—we will put resources around you to help do those responsibilities well. These resources require a leader who reflects a heart for God and his Word to make them effective.

About the Administrative Responsibilities

Administratively, we are looking for someone to help plan and execute a social media strategy. We are on the cusp of developing a stronger brand, identifying the types of platforms we will communicate our message through, and revamping the website. While these areas can compete with our focus to bring glory to God, when done well, we expect that they can multiply the effectiveness of our commitment to the glory of God. When taken as a while, this position seeks someone who can help mold our identity as a church musically and digitally in serving young families.  Since our mission is to “passionately proclaim the glory of God” we need someone who will help us “proclaim” in a variety of ways.

About the Vernon Connecticut Area

Vernon is situated in Tolland County, a relatively rural county about 15 minutes east of Manchester and 30 minutes east of Hartford, CT. The church sits on the town green of an area known as Rockville, an old mill town that has seen better days. There are three school districts in the area—Tolland, Vernon/Rockville, and Ellington. Union Church is about 2 hours from Boston and 2 hours from New York.

About the Church Building

God has blessed us with a beautiful church to proclaim a beautiful gospel.  Our members work hard at maintaining the 133-year-old structure. It features a bell tower which chimes hymns, a wraparound balcony, stained glass, and an historic organ. These types of buildings can easily become the focus of worship and distract from our mission to being glory to God.  However, when maintained and used well, historic buildings such as ours can orient our hearts to God and position us well in the community.

About the Senior Pastor

Christian Cuthbert has been married for 22 years with three children—Caroline, Ceilidh (key-lee), and Calvin—who attend the Ellington Public Schools. Christian was a youth ministry major in undergrad and served as a youth pastor for many years before completing his MA in Church History and MA in Theology at Gordon Conwell. He served in the US Army Reserves for 6 years as an enlisted soldiers and 6 years as a Chaplain. He continued to complete a PhD in Historical and Theological Studies focusing on the life and ministry of Jonathan Edwards. A former competitive runner, he also serves as a chaplain for the Kenyan Olympic team. His passions include the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics, travel, Indian food, but most of all: books.

Personal Note from the Senior Pastor:

I know this brief description outlined what may seem like an impossible task. Union Church falls short from experiencing the historic yet vital faith that we are working hard to realize. But this is the longing that drives us, and I am looking for someone to partner with me in pursuing God and discovering how he will display his glory among us. I am committed, as the senior pastor, to doing what is possible to tailor the job expectations to the strengths of our future worship director. While we all have to do things we are not well equipped for (myself included), we want to take advantage of how God has specifically gifted whoever becomes our new worship director. I am committed to supporting, training, and at times, defending whomever I get to work with, and I would hope you consider applying.

How To Apply

Please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected] to express your interest in the position.  If your qualifications seem to fit the position, we will email you a brief application to begin the process.